Last we left off the party was breaking into an abandoned facility to do some investigating, when met with an unusual ally... What trouble will they ...View Details

Surfing the web for trending news, harassing street vendors, and doing a whole murder. These crazy folks sure are getting themselves in a lot of inter...View Details

This is a special Holiday episode where I run a game of Masks for some of my podcasting buddies. It's rude, it's crude, and we all have attitudes. Wil...View Details

After Kiieran leaves to seek an elder's wisdom, he relays some incredible wisdom of his own. The other two are really getting used to their "bodies" a...View Details

Kiieran leaves the party in search of answers. Follow our Corax friend to see what he's up to! You can find us on twitter and facebook @DeathUntimley ...View Details

Our wraiths remember what being hungry feels like and stop for a bite, after waking up in a WHOLE NEW LIFE... What do they do with it next? Thanks to ...View Details


Thanks to our wonderful listeners and friends who support us, we seriously love you.  Special thanks to our patrons: Eric S. Patt Tim Demeuse Brian Br...View Details

Our party finds themselves in a predicament. Corpus slowly dwindling, fires roaring... What is this foe? His powers are unnatural. Will this be the en...View Details

This week we had a few audio cut out's in our recording, unfortunately our internet can't always be perfect, however it's nothing horrible. Just a min...View Details

The party tries to reason with a small child, but to no avail. Things get weird in the lab and there's a bloody mess to be dealt with! Will the party ...View Details

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